Channel & Program Sponsorship

Sponsor a UCIT.tv Channel or Show to have your brand associated with positive, family-centric programs that contribute to building better and stronger communities. Opportunities include; clickable channel background ads, display ads, streaming of video and audio commercials, and cross promotional campaigns with our affiliate media outlets.

 Channel, Portal & Show Advertising

Advertising opportunities are available on UC's roster of channels, portals, and shows. Contact our Sales Representatives for rate cards and special promotions.

Product Placement

UC broadcasts original and acquired shows submitted by Providers in our media community. Providers on our roster that have shows in development or production may consider placements of sponsor products and services. Contact us for shows that are considering product placement opportunities.

Product & Service Promotion

List your product in the UC - TRN Shop and receive discounts on special promotions, marketing and advertising campaigns.



Phone: 1.424.248.7688

Email: sales@ucit.tv


Current Offerings

IPTV Channels

UC Vertex
Citizens TV
Academia TV

Citizens Speak Blogs

Network Portals

DAPP: Disaster Awareness Preparedness & Planning
Living Green
Que Onda TV
Education Village
AJ Action Team
Queen Team Media


Radio Stations

Sonic Source
Que Onda Radio
Nostalgia Radio
UC Talk Radio

New Shows & Releases

  • Office Hours Show with Finnesse
  • Que Onda International Radio Show
  • Conversations with Andrew Williams Jr.
  • In Polite Company with Charles Underwood
  • Paid Programs & Infomercials

Contact UC Sales for more information.


Preferred Media Formats


15 - 30 - 60 sec spot placements within scheduled broadcasts, on-demand pre and post rolls of programs.
H264, MPEG4, (640X480, accelerated/progressive download, bitrate: 1028, framerate: 29)

IP Radio
15 - 30 - 60 sec spot placements within scheduled broadcasts, on-demand pre and post rolls of programs.
MP3 ( 44100 Hz, 128 - 256 kbps)

Display Ads
(.JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, SWF - 72 dpi up to 150dpi)

Background Ads: (1850X900)

Banner Ads: IAB Standards; small 125X125, med 468X60, skyscraper1 160X600,
skyscraper2 140X340, custom sized placements by request)

Line & Text Ads: 8, 10, 0r 12pt

Conversion Services Are Available.