The Revelation Network FAQ


I am having trouble opening some of your pages, what can I do ?

You may not have the necessary software programs. Several solutions are provided here. Please read the options below. If you need more assistance please feel free to contact us.


What is the best browser to use?

The Revelation Network is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox. The You can download the software for FREE.


Internet Explorer should be version IE8 or greater to display our pages. Version IE8 also provides "compatability view." If your page is displaying strangely try clicking on compatability view.

CHROME You can also view TRN in Google Chrome.

What programs do you use to publish your content?

We stream much of our media content in Flash. You can download the updated versions of Adobe Flash for FREE.

Some of our printable and downloadable pages are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view files in Adobe PDF format.
Some of our larger downloadable files may be compressed in a ZIP format. If you do not have a program to unpack compressed files, you may try WinZip (for Windows).

Do I need other software to play TRN radio stations?

You should not need additional software, however, if the radio station is not playing try using Real Player.

Or Windows Media Player.
Q: My live stream stopped or is not playing?

Try refreshing your page. This will usually restart or resume the stream.


Q: My page is displaying out of alignment.

If you have an updated browser and media player then you may try to clear out your cache on your browser. We update our pages often and your computer may be remembering (caching) one of your recent visits.

Try pressing your "F5" command key on your keyboard several times to clear out your cache AND then refresh your page. You can also clear your cashe in the Internet options for your browser.


How can I become a TRN sponsor or supporter?

Become a "Friend of TRN" by becoming a member supporter, or prayer partner. You can also choose a show to sponsor.

Click here to become a friend of TRN

Click here to sponsor a show, program, time blockor channel.


How can I promote my product through TRN?

Contact us about or marketing and advertising programs. Product placement opportunities are also available.