Vocabulary Builders in Sign Language: Math
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An introduction to sign vocabulary that is specific to math. Many interpreters, teachers, and students are unfamiliar with specialized sign vocabulary because the concepts occur infrequently in daily communication. In this video a Deaf professional signs vocabulary related to his field of expertise. The signs being demonstrated are commonly accepted by the Deaf community, but may not be the only sign for a specific word. Signs often vary across the country, so viewers are encouraged to confirm that signs used in this video are those used in their area/region of the country. Where appropriate, more than one sign or combination of signs are demonstrated in this video for the same English word. This title was produced by Jacksonville State University ( http://jsu.edu ). Thanks to JSU for allowing us to share this resource on our YouTube channel! The "Vocabulary Builders in Sign Language" series is one of many available to registered DCMP members. Visit http://dcmp.org/register.aspx to sign up for a free account today! **NOTE: This video is not available with description.**
Added on Feb 12, 2013 by TeamTRN
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