Universal Citizens Media Network (UCmedia.net) was designed to empower citizen activists as citizen journalists, media curators and producers of programming content through platforms penetrating ALL channels and devices via TRN: The Revelation Network (TRN.tv) and Universal Citizens Media Network (UCIT.tv) to offset the growing power of 6 corporations controlling over 90% of content we consume.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/these-6-corporations-control-90-of-the-media-in-america-2012-6


Do well by doing good:


Rebroadcast audio and video shows on UCmedia.net year round to profit from subscriptions and commercials that support your public service announcements and calendar of events promoting the causes you care about with a local and global audience.

Have your organization or business or yourself to buy an LCEnb.com Global Communications Device to record and broadcast free and pay-per-view events and activities showcasing your events to a local and global audience.

Generate fund-raising or performance income by splitting revenue streams 50/50 for Pay-Per-View shows reaching your next door neighbor and people in 161 countries around the world.


While I do not like, agree with, condone or accept ALL of the work done by the United Nations or its agencies since its founding in 1948, I do recognize that as the premiere organization, today, that provides a global framework for collaborative work to positively impact the quality of life on Earth, and, the quality of life OF Earth, particularly as we transition from the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 2015 to the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda and Decade of Energy for All into the United Nations Decade for Peoples of African Descent 2015 - 2024 and the African Union Agenda 2063 with full respect and support of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People 



Let’s Mobilize To Work, Teach and Publicize Ways to Heal The World! All of us! Everywhere! Now! You! Me! Us! UNGlobalCompact.org



Global Citizenship: placing you identity with a "global community" above identity as a citizen of a particular place or nation



Conversations with an international network of activists, CEOs, and academics that impact the Sustainable Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals for Africa, the Diaspora and the Earth to build a Brand New Beginning 



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